California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010


Specialty Retailers, Inc. has established a Vendor Compliance Program to ensure that suppliers for (“Stage”) comply with all applicable federal, state, municipal, local and foreign laws, rules and regulations. All Stage suppliers are expected to agree to and fully comply with the standards set forth in the Stage Vendor Compliance Guidelines and Requirements, including the Vendor Compliance Requirements for Sourcing and Manufacturing Merchandise (“Standards for Suppliers”). Stage Standards for Suppliers sets minimum standards related to Forced Labor, Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Discrimination, Harassment & Abuse, Health & Safety, Wages & Benefits, and Working Hours.


Stage buys the vast majority of its merchandise domestically. It does not manufacture any of the products that it sells. Private label merchandise is sourced from suppliers that operate in or import from around the world. These suppliers provide the merchandise Stage offers for sale, including apparel, footwear, accessories and home decor items. Stage strives to buy merchandise from companies that share its values and it includes minimum standards for social responsibility in its sourcing practices.


The expectation that suppliers comply with all applicable laws, including all labor laws, is communicated by Stage to prospective suppliers during the contracting process. As part of this process, suppliers are made aware that they must maintain compliance with the Standards for Suppliers. Stage also requires that suppliers provide written certifications attesting to their compliance with the Standards for Suppliers.


Monitoring the supply chain remains a dynamic and evolving process and Stage works continuously to improve its processes. Stage reserves the right to have an independent designee evaluate the compliance of production facilities producing Stage’ private label products. Additionally, Stage strongly encourages its suppliers to have an independent third party conduct periodic, unannounced audits of all of factories they use for manufacturing merchandise, including factories operated by subcontractors.


Alleged violations of the Standards for Suppliers are investigated and appropriate responsive action taken. Stage also reserves the right to terminate its relationship with non-compliant suppliers. In extreme cases, Stage may report illegal activity to the appropriate legal authorities.


All Stage associates who have responsibility in supply chain management are expected to be familiar with Stage ’ Standards for Suppliers. Additionally, all Stage associates are required to comply with Stage’ policies related to Conflicts of Interest and Business Ethics.


Last updated: March 18, 2016